Partisia Blockchain Round Up: September 2021

It’s been a busy few weeks at Partisia Blockchain. This month’s highlights include: updating our smart contract language to Rust and Wasm; successfully integrating Scotcoin into alternative search engine Better Internet Search; and seeing President of the Partisia Blockchain’s opinion article published in Nasdaq.

We updated our smart contract language to Rust and WebAssembly (Wasm). The new language is simple and easy to navigate for contract developers. Most importantly, it offers the privacy functionality that is essential for Partisia Blockchain’s aims, by seamlessly enabling multi-party computation (MPC) and other types of zero knowledge computation. Read more here.

Scotcoin has been successfully integrated into alternative search engine Better Internet Search. The introduction of Scotcoin means users will be rewarded every time they make a purchase on a website they find through Better Internet Search. Leveraging Partisia Blockchain’s bespoke privacy-preserving solutions including MPC, the two projects are challenging the current advertisement model and upholding the highest levels of privacy and security.

In January 2021, Partisia Blockchain and Better Internet Search secured a grant from the EU-funded Next Generation Internet Trust (NGI Trust), to develop the new alternative search engine. Read more here.

President of Partisia Blockchain, Dr Kurt Nielsen’s opinion article about how “MPC Technology Can Ensure Effective Fraud Detection” was published in Nasdaq. Read it here.

“When it comes to fraud detection and prevention, MPC allows the use of confidential data across banks, regulators, and jurisdictions without violating regulations while also ensuring competition remains intact.”

Privacy challenges in the healthcare sector are well known. How can MPC and blockchain help tackle these issues? Health is a key cornerstone of the United Nations SDGs. Partisia Blockchain’s technology is being developed with the goal of solving some of the world’s largest problems in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out more about how MPC can help tackle privacy issues in healthcare in our new blog post here.

Our market and technology advisor, Nagib Aouini was a guest on Ashton Addison’s Crypto Coin Show. Watch the full interview where the pair discuss Partisia’s layer 1 blockchain protocol, our focus on privacy protection, and an in-depth introduction to MPC here.

Dr. Kurt Neilsen introduced the basics of the Partisia Blockchain on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Listen back to Dr. Kurt Nielsen, President of the Partisia Blockchain’s interview with Neil Hughes from the Tech Talks Daily Podcast here.

Learn about the Partisia Blockchain and MPC.

In a three-part blog series, Professor Jesper Buus Nielsen, Chief Cryptographic System Designer at Partisia Blockchain, examines the relationship between blockchain and secure MPC. Check it out here.

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