Partisia Blockchain November Mid-Month Update!

Partisia Blockchain News Round Up: November 2021

It’s been another busy few weeks at Partisia Blockchain. Over the past month our Twitter community has grown to 38k Twitter followers and our Telegram grew to nearly 5.1k members! We are excited to welcome so many new members to online channels. See our full news round up below.

We have surpassed $35MM in Early Contribution Funding and are adding a few more strategic Early Contributors to the network! If you’re interested in participating you must first complete KYC on our website here.

This month we witnessed exponential community growth. We reached 38k Twitter followers and nearly 5.1k Telegram members. To those of you that are new to Partisia Blockchain, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community! Make sure to follow us and keep up to date on the action on Twitter and Medium, join us on Telegram, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

In celebration of our growing Twitter Community, Kurt Nielsen and Peter Frandsen will be hosting a Twitter “Spaces” AMA from the @partisiampc Twitter account, tomorrow, at 5PM GMT +1. Make sure to join us and fill out any questions you hope to have answered here:

Developer Documentation has been improved and expanded. It is visible at:

Casaba has finalized their audit of the Partisia Blockchain Mainnet Release Candidate. Their report will be published soon.

Kurt Nielsen published “Partisia Blockchain Node Economics” and “Yellow Paper version 0.95” in the private discord channel for Node Operators.

Media Appearances:

Dr. Kurt Nielsen was a guest on the PayPod Podcast with Scott Hawksworth, where he discusses the future of blockchain technology, Web 3.0, and beyond. Listen back to the episode here.

Dr. Kurt Nielsen was interviewed by Tony Zerucha in the Bankless Times. The article discusses how privacy, along with security, have to be paramount if cryptocurrencies are to achieve widespread adoption, and how MPC and blockchain can make it happen. Read the full interview here.

Crowdfund Insider covered Partisia’s recent strategic appointments of Christian Cachin, Nagib Aouini, and Nick O’Neill. Check out the full interview here.

Last month, we updated our new smart contract language to Rust and WebAssembly (Wasm). Quoted in AppDeveloperMagazine, Dr. Kurt Nielsen said,

“This update marks a significant milestone along our roadmap development plan. As well as facilitating a more developer-friendly experience that is stable, secure and easy to navigate, the language is effectively aligned with the privacy-preserving ethos of Partisia Blockchain.”

Peter Frands Frandsen, Co-Founder and CTO was quoted regarding the latest update to our smart contract language to Rust and Wasm.”

You can read the full feature here.

In a recent blog post, we explore how blockchain technology and MPC help healthcare. Dr. Kurt Nielsen examines how MPC and blockchain together are imperative to tackling many prevalent issues inherent facing the healthcare industry. Nielsen argues that by implementing infrastructures that will ensure users’ privacy is maintained, data holders in the healthcare industry can improve access to healthcare and in doing so, ensure that all patients are not at risk of having their sensitive data made public.

Nielsen also discusses how Partisia Blockchain’s technology is being developed with the goal of tackling and providing some solutions to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check out the full blog post here.

Stay tuned for big partnership announcements and technology launches! Also, if you’re new to the project, take some time to familiarize yourself by visiting

Here’s to a strong finish to Q4! Thank you to our community for all of your support and dedication.

Partisia Blockchain Team

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