• Emil Bremer Orloff

    Emil Bremer Orloff

  • Udi Peled

    Udi Peled

  • Frank Wiener

    Frank Wiener

    I’m a technology-marketing guy who loves family, friends, food and adventures. I lead marketing for Sepior and I co-founded the MPC Alliance.

  • A. A.

    A. A.

  • Gordon Povey

    Gordon Povey

    Serial entrepreneur and CEO for Trisent — providing automatic consolidation of life’s data on a single personal timeline.

  • Rosario Cammarota

    Rosario Cammarota

  • Kurt Nielsen, Partisia

    Kurt Nielsen, Partisia

    Pioneer in applied distributed cryptography and decentralized infrastructure for future it-services. Expertice in economic mechanish design and data science ...

  • Mariefenger


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