By Kurt Nielsen, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and help to ensure that by 2030 everyone has the opportunity to prosper equally. Insurance exists to reduce financial uncertainty and make accidental loss manageable.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Partisia Blockchain. This month’s highlights include: updating our smart contract language to Rust and Wasm; successfully integrating Scotcoin into alternative search engine Better Internet Search; and seeing President of the Partisia Blockchain’s opinion article published in Nasdaq.

We updated our smart contract language…

We are delighted to announce that we have updated our smart contract language on the Partisia Blockchain to Rust and Wasm (WebAssembly). In line with our roadmap development plans, the new language, which facilitates a smooth and more efficient experience for developers, is now deployed on betanet. With precise and…

Partisia Blockchain and Better Internet Search Integrate Scotcoin Into Alternative Search Engine, Rewarding Searchers In Digital Currency For The First Time

The new privacy-preserving, ad-free, bias-free search engine is underpinned by a token-based internal currency system that rewards users and merchants while prioritising individual privacy and results searchers actually want

Renowned cryptographer Christian Cachin; NFT authority Nick O’Neill; cyber security expert Nagib Aouini join the team building an MPC-powered blockchain for the greater good

Today, we’re proud to announce three new strategic appointments: Christian Cachin, Nagib Aouini and Nick O’Neill.

Partisia Blockchain represents the first successful complete integration of blockchain…

Partisia Blockchain Foundation

The official account of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Bringing MPC and Blockchain together to enable the scale of all blockchain use cases.

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